Through legislation the State of Illinois has mandated that law enforcement officers in Illinois
receive training at varying intervals on a variety of Key Topic areas.


Click on the name of a Key Topic mandate listed below to view upcoming
MTU 15 classes which will satisfy that mandate.
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Mandated for all Officers:
  • Civil RightsEvery three years
  • Constitutional & Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority – Every three years
  • Cultural Competency – Every three years
  • Epinephrine Auto injector/EpiPen (only if carried) Initial
  • Human Rights – Every three years
  • Law Updates – Annually
  • Mental Health AwarenessEvery three years
  • Officer Wellness – Every three years
  • Opioid Antagonist (NARCAN) – Initial
  • Procedural Justice – Every three years
  • Psychology of Domestic Violence – Every five years
  • Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect – Every three years
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse Trauma-informed Response – Every three years
  • Use of Force – Annually
Mandated for select officers:
  • Lead Homicide Investigator – 32 hours every four years
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse Investigator Training – Every three years

Click to view the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board’s
Approved Guidelines for Mandated Training.