Through legislation the State of Illinois has mandated that law enforcement officers in Illinois
receive training at varying intervals on a variety of Key Topic areas.
Click on the name of a Key Topic listed below to view upcoming
MTU 15 classes which will satisfy the training mandate on that topic.

Mandated for All Officers

Key Topic Hours Frequency
Civil Rights Every 3 years
Constitutional & Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority Every 3 years
Crisis Intervention Training (Mental Health Awareness) 8 Annually
Cultural Competency Every 3 years
Emergency Medical Response Training Annually
Human Rights Every 3 years
Law Update Annually
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Guidelines Every 3 years
Opioid Antagonist (NARCAN) Initial
Procedural Justice Every 3 years
Psychology of Domestic Violence 8 Every 5 years
Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect Every 3 years
Sexual Assault/Abuse Trauma-informed Response 8 Every 3 years
Trauma Informed Response to Sexual Assault/Abuse 8 Every 3 years
Use of Force Law 6 Every 3 years
High Risk Traffic Stops 6 Every 3 years
Use of Force / De-Escalation Techniques 6 Every 3 years
Mandated for Select Officers
Key Topic Hours Frequency
Lead Homicide Investigator 32 Every 4 years
Sexual Assault/Abuse Investigator Training 8 Every 3 years
Epinephrine Auto injector/EpiPen (only if carried) Initial
School Resource Officer – continuing training Every 2 years
Click to view the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board’s
Approved Guidelines for Mandated Training.